The Man of Many Faces: PT. 1 & 2: Uncovering the Truth about Dr. Malachi Z. York by Yovan Christenson, Olafemi Olatula, Adafa Taharqa Nicol-El

"The Man of Many Faces" is a revelation! Finally here is the most comprehensive and objective critique of the Nuwaubian movement, detailing the life and teachings of the man at the helm, Malachi Z. York.
What this book does above all, is allow the reader to go on a journey through his life, examining in detail his philosophies and actions, enabling both supporters and detractors to arrive at their own conclusions.

The Man of Many Faces: PT. 1 & 2: Uncovering the Truth about Dr. Malachi Z. York

SKU: ISBN-1397819085526
  • Available now, the most 'Groundbreaking' and thoroughly accurate investigation into the history of Dr. Malachi. Z. York & The Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, ever undertaken. African Journalists; Yovan Christenson & Olu Femi Olatula, have conducted almost 10 years of exhaustive research into the history and inner workings of the Nuwaubians and their Enigmatic leader Malachi York.

    Now for the first time, this book unveils the entire truth behind the man known by many names, and his extraordinary Movement, with over 500 pages of detailed Facts, Photographs, Illustrations & Diagrams.

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