Xosa Security Services provide high level security for all occasions and instances.

From Events (Festivals, Functions, Sports) to Clubs and Pubs to Personal Security (Close Protection, Bodyguards & Chaperones) We provide fully trained SIA operatives.


Xosa Security Services

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  • Xosa has been actively providing personnel in the Security industry for
    over 25 years. Both corporately and on a singular basis.
    The majority of the posts have been in the entertainment
    and leisure sector. Duties range from general
    door supervision in clubs, bars, festivals and raves to
    bodyguarding and debt collection.
    Xosa also works abroad in a number of security related
    We currently have  SIA Front Line Door Supervisor’s license holders,
    Close Protection officers also CCTV operators and First Aid Administers.
    Xosa Security Services are very experienced in these
    professions with all of our operatives fluent in the following:

    • Conflict Management 
    • Working as DS, CP, FA within PSI 
    • Physical Intervention Skills 
    • Working professionally within the PSI